Netguard certificate lifecycle manager

Automated machine identity management

NetGuard Certificate Lifecycle Manager (NCLM) is a security management application which provides centralized, secure and cost-effective machine identity management of digital keys and certificates. NCLM helps security and IT operations teams manage and protect the hundreds-of-thousands of keys and certificates throughout an organization. NCLM improves network security posture by reducing risks arising from outdated or rogue digital identities, improves reliability by eliminating service outages due to expired certificates, and lowers operational costs through enhanced automation.


Digital certificates are the most common method for both users and machines to secure communication, authentication and authorization in proven technologies. Enterprises, communication service providers, cloud service providers, and IoT device manufactures are using certificates as fundamental building block within their security infrastructure. However, the increased reliance on keys and certificates may inversely heighten the risk for those businesses. Expired certificates can easily lead to costly IT outages and downtime, while weak and poorly-configured certificates can be used to hijack connections, eavesdrop on network traffic, or manipulate application data.


NCLM addresses these issues and gives security and IT teams full control over their certificate lifecycle management processes. It allows for seamless integration between various public certification authorities (CAs), such asEntrust, Symantec, or Digicert, and enterprise PKIs, like Microsoft CA, Insta Certifier, or Nokia’s NetGuard Certificate Manager. NCLM is an agnostic solution and provides unified management of every single certificate— regardless of the issuing source. NCLM uses an open platform which supports plugins (or connectors), enabling a seamless integration with multivendor network elements and devices for centralized, single-step certificate deployment. Plugins can be rapidly developed by Nokia, or users can elect to develop their own deployment plugins.

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