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NetGuard certificate manager

Manage digital identities in a standardized and secure way

The Nokia NetGuard Certificate Manager (NCM) is composed of software, as well as highly available and secure hardware to manage the digital certificates used in the security domain. Based on a trusted certification authority, the NCM manages the entire lifecycle of a digital identity in a standardized and secure way. Its primary use is for 4G mobile networks where base stations and small cells are deployed in an unsecured area, and where a secured connection to the backbone network is required.

In that context, the IPsec protocol is used for securing data exchanges with the Security Gateway― the Nokia 7750 Service Router―and requires digital certificates for the purpose of identification. The NCM simplifies and secures this process by setting up a public key infrastructure (PKI), according to the 3GPP TS 33.210, 33.310, and 33.401 standards. It allows certificates to be securely and automatically enrolled to the base stations.

For the Internet of Things (IoT), the NCM can be used to enable the safe authentication of users, devices, applications and systems without the need for tokens, passwords, or other non-standardized authentication schemes. The distributed architecture allows NCM deployments of active certificates scaling up to 100M+.

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