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Network Exposure Function

Service capability exposure

Nokia Network Exposure Function provides you with a robust platform for creating new services by consolidating APIs and presenting unified access to the API framework for both your developers and 3rd party developers.

  • Secure exposure of network services (voice, data connectivity, charging, subscriber data, etc.) towards 3rd party application over APIs
  • Developer environment and SDK for operator and community
  • Service mashup for creating end-to-end offering by combining any of the network assets into your application
  • Integration layer that connects your application to operator’s network.

The API framework is realized through a plug-in concept that makes it possible to create complex API-based services. You can add additional APIs over time, according to your needs. For those operators with multi-vendor cores, Nokia’s Network Exposure Function can expose APIs from other vendors’ network functions, by enabling the use of 3rd party plugins.

Key Features:

Enables external application to communicate with the 5G core’s Service Based Architecture (SBA) via APIs

Secure, scalable, simplified and SLA compliant service capability exposure for events, data and functionality.

Advanced application capabilities (specialized application servers in NEF PaaS)

Adapts and transforms telecom network interfaces to RESTful APIs

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