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Nokia Assurance Center

Evolving to automated operations

The Nokia Assurance Center is a multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-domain system that provides a unified Assurance platform across traditionally separate and disparate systems and domain silos. Leveraging Bell Labs AI and ML technology, the system is an ingredient in Nokia’s broader operations software portfolio to enable round-trip operations automation.

The Nokia Assurance Center delivers a modern microservices and cloud-native based approach in a modular format. As a part of Nokia’s broader operations portfolio, the Nokia Assurance Center can deliver tangible business benefits with real-world projects now and each of these projects can contribute to that evolution to a 5G era operations paradigm.

As we move closer to 5G and as operators work to increase their agility to support market requirements, a tighter closed-loop operating environment will be required. The Nokia Assurance Center supports this objective. This action is required on two levels:

Market facing agility

Operators will be forging B2B partnerships with vertical industrial players and Service Level Agreements will become an important currency for those relationships. Operators require assurance systems that can adopt and support SLAs that are “designed-in” to the services during the commercial negotiations with the B2B partners

Virtualized and cloud-based infrastructure

To control their costs in an ever-growing demand for capacity, operators are well along their transition to leverage cloud and virtualization techniques. This creates a multi-fold increase in network and infrastructure complexity—more moving parts—and this cannot be effectively supported on legacy assurance systems at scale.

Nokia Assurance Center

Service Operations Journey

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