VitalNet Network Performance Management Software

VitalNet™ Network Performance Management Software is a comprehensive, automated tool that provides network performance information needed to avoid potential problems, optimize resources, and plan operations for maximum return on investment (ROI) for both IPv4 and IPv6 network infrastructure.

VitalNet NPMS provides end-to-end, Web 2.0-based visibility into geographically dispersed, multi-vendor, multi-technology infrastructures (including data, VoIP, servers/VM, Flow, and the Genesys Contact Center)  IT managers can use this module to monitor, analyze, manage, and predict network performance based on VitalNet’s real-time statistics for efficient, on-target troubleshooting, continuous operations data for monitoring service quality, high-level performance summaries, as well as long-term trends for capacity planning.

Fast and easy deployment provides immediate return on investment as administrators are able to identify trouble spots, verify SLA compliance, and optimize resources through consolidation or elimination. Integration with existing and emerging technologies ensures long-term investment protection while supporting today's largest, most widely distributed networks from a central, intuitive, dynamic graphical user interface (GUI).

The Web 2.0-based administration interface allows for user account administration, domain and group definition, threshold policy creation, scheduling data collection and reporting, and specifying privileges for multiple user classes. The net result is improved management functionality, QoS, and end-user experience.

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