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VitalQIP Appliance Manager

Enterprise disaster recovery

Nokia VitalQIP Appliance Manager provides seamless, comprehensive, streamlined management and administration of VitalQIP appliances.

In today’s complex networking world, it is critical to have reliable, secure, low-cost address allocation and management software that keeps your network running smoothly every day. Nokia VitalQIP Appliance Manager maintains an inventory of all the VitalQIP Appliances on the network, along with software and configuration information, providing a seamless, cost-effective way to deploy and maintain Nokia VitalQIP DDI software, simplify management, and allow you to leverage your IT investment for a competitive advantage.

Nokia VitalQIP Appliance Manager is included as part of the Nokia VitalQIP DDI solution, the industry’s proven, open and scalable DDI solution (domain name system (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and IP address management (IPAM)).

Award winning

Award-winning software used by more than 450 customers worldwide, including over 40% of Forbes Top 100 companies


The VitalQIP Appliance Manager is offered on redundant, high performance, standard hardware and software configurations to meet your specific requirements


Centralize the definition of IP addresses and distributes network services, such as DNS and DHCP, using a single system

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