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VitalSuite Network Performance Management

Avoid problems, optimize resources and maximize ROI

Nokia VitalSuite® Net Network Performance Management software/VitalSuite® Real-time Event Analysis software provides the network information necessary to avoid problems, optimize resources and maximize ROI. For your multivendor, multi-technology network devices, VitalNet/VitalRealTime provides integrated performance and trap management, network auto-discovery, centralized visibility, advanced 2D/3D topology views, reports with drilldowns, trending and capacity planning, advanced thresholds and alarms, network traffic reports and advanced VoIP monitoring all via a Web 2.0 GUI. It also collects SNMP traps to provide fault management information about network devices.

Nokia VitalSuite® Flow software collects Netflow and sFlow records directly from routers in the network and provides powerful traffic analysis and reporting features based on that data. The integrated Flow monitoring capability monitors application and network traffic behavior to understand how your network bandwidth is being used

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