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The microwave solution that’s built to last

Prepare your microwave transport for the telco cloud and 5G era with Nokia Wavence. The Nokia Wavence range introduces innovative, high-capacity ultra-broadband transceivers to support operators as they transition to 4.5G, 4.9G and eventually 5G networks.

Nokia Wavence introduces state-of-the-art UBTs with the most advanced radio technologies and multi-frequency carrier aggregation. Wavence supports backhaul and fronthaul evolution with multi-gigabit capacities and low latency transport with best-in-class transmitted power. Thanks to this, Wavence supports a complete Zero-Footprint 5G microwave transport solution for all use cases (from urban to rural) thanks to the compact transceivers and extended with outdoor combiner and networking modules.

Here the ultra-broadband transceiver applies for all - UBT-C is the most-compact 5G-ready radio, UBT-S is the single carrier box, the UBT-T is the dual carrier box and the compact E-band UBT-m family (standard power UBT-m, extended power UBT-mX and urban variant UBT-mU) are addressing all operator needs and through carrier aggregation they deliver multi-gigabit, low latency microwave transport. Wavence UBT-mX provides the market’s highest transmit power, the smallest size and power consumption to enable operators to extend their E-Band links.

Learn more about Nokia Wavence in our brochure and read our white paper and check how Nokia Microwave Transmission satisfies the needs of 5G transport.

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