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Network as Code for
Communication Service Providers

Innovate beyond connectivity

Monetizing 5G-era networks, successfully

According to Analysys Mason, Communications service providers (CSPs) invested $103 billion in building 5G networks in 2022 and are expected to spend a further $129 billion in 2023. And the need to return on that investment has never been more urgent. The growth of traditional communications services into both consumer and enterprise markets is limited, and the development of new revenue streams is imperative.

By exposing these advanced capabilities through standardized APIs, communication network operators can unlock new revenue streams and business models. They can offer differentiated services and charges based on factors such as quality of service, network resources consumed, or specific features utilized. This performance-based monetization model aligns with the diverse requirements of different applications and use cases.

Reimagine your business opportunities

Service providers have multiple avenues to monetize network APIs through various business models. They can directly engage with the Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider, aggregator, application service provider, and customer. Revenue generation is possible through wholesale or retail channels, employing revenue share, subscription, or usage-based pricing strategies.

The CPaaS segment pioneered the way by enabling access to capabilities like messaging, voice, and video through programmable APIs, allowing their integration into digital applications (e.g., Uber's in-app calling). 

However, the next evolution is to transcend the CPaaS paradigm and expose a broader range of "network capabilities" through APIs. These include real-time immersive video broadcasting, edge processing offloading for autonomous vehicles, and robot control. By exposing these capabilities via APIs, applications can dynamically interact with and adjust modern networks in unprecedented ways, unlocking new monetization opportunities.

For communication service providers (CSPs) operating the networks, these APIs will help deliver a better return on investment for their 5G infrastructure investments. By charging developers for access to the network APIs and forging closer connections with the applications utilizing these capabilities, CSPs will be better positioned to generate monetizable value from their networks.


Nokia’s Network as Code platform

Our innovative Network as Code platform is designed as a trusted two-sided ecosystem paradigm. This platform aims to simplify network complexities by abstracting them and exposing developer-friendly interfaces. These interfaces enable developers to deploy applications seamlessly across multiple public and private networks.

One of the platform's key features lies in its software development kits (SDKs), which eliminate the need for app providers to understand the service provider's intricate network workings or specifics. By abstracting these complexities, Nokia's Network as Code platform empowers developers to focus solely on creating applications without delving into the underlying network intricacies.

Through this approach, Our Network as Code platform fosters a seamless integration between applications and networks, facilitating a streamlined deployment process across diverse network environments. This paradigm shift promises to revolutionize how applications interact with networks, paving the way for innovative solutions and accelerated digital transformation.

Why developers are choosing Network as Code

Our network as code platform provides a simplified developer experience without the burden of navigating the complex underlying network technologies. A platform that provides developers with an easy journey to learn about the capabilities being exposed to them via programmable interfaces and provides them with tools like code artifacts and testing sandboxes so that they can onboard capabilities onto their applications quickly.



Nokia Network as Code supports GSMA OGI hackathon at MWC24

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