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Network Exposure Platform

Network Exposure

Streamline API service delivery


What is a Network Exposure Platform ?

Built on cloud-native and programmable infrastructure, Nokia Network Exposure Platform (NEP) offers an extensive range of API Enablement functionalities. 

Its features are crafted to align with industry standards, such as those established by CAMARA and TM Forum, right from the start. Moreover, NEP is adaptable to accommodate operator-specific APIs as necessary.

Positioned as a pivotal element in a service provider’s API Enablement strategy, NEP delivers a unified, scalable solution. It streamlines API service delivery and fosters interoperability across various network environments.

Functionalities and GSMA Operator Platform alignment

NEP is set to enhance the network Exposure function (NEF) by integrating vital features from the GSMA Operator Platform. This includes bolstered support for CAMARA APIs, TM Forum Operate APIs, and, as needed, a range of operator-specific APIs. The rollout of NEP's capabilities will occur in several phases, tailored to meet customer requirements. The functionalities encompass:

  • CAMARA APIs for Quality on Demand, Device Status, and Location: Initial release focuses on integrating CAMARA APIs, establishing a microservice that maps these to NEF’s standard APIs.
  • TM Forum APIs Integration: Integrates TeleManagement Forum (TM Forum) APIs to support broader operational functionalities and automation capabilities.
  • GSMA Edge Exposure: Adopts GSMA’s edge enabling requirements for enhanced resource management and cloud application development.
  • Support for Analytics, GenAI, and Other APIs: Allows for the integration of operator-specific APIs, enhancing flexibility and intelligent capabilities.
  • Customization and Scalability: Enhances NEP’s architecture to support scalable deployments and customizable API functions as outlined in GSMA’s architecture requirements.
  • Security Enhancements: Implements GSMA’s high-level security requirements, ensuring robust protection for all API interactions.
  • Network Capability Exposure: Extends NEP’s capabilities to include GSMA’s network capability Exposure requirements, facilitating more dynamic network slicing and Exposure. This may build on CAPIF functionalities and interfaces.
  • Global Standards and Guideline Adherence: Ensure alignment with relevant SDO requirements, and with GSMA Operator Platform recommendations facilitating international operability.
NEP diagram

Main benefits

The Nokia Network Exposure Platform (NEP) offers a comprehensive suite of benefits to Telecommunication Service Providers, revolutionizing their network operations and service delivery.

Enhanced network flexibility

NEP facilitates operators to rapidly create different interface adapters for both standard and operator specific APIs.

Enhanced network programmability

By providing controlled access to exposed network APIs, NEP facilitates the programmability of the network by both in-house and external applications and enables additional monetization of the network.

Cost efficiency

NEP's advanced API management capabilities reduce the overhead associated with providing API driven services by centralizing API controls and supporting product solutions customized to the carriers’ requirements.

Innovation exposure

The platform's extensibility supports the development of new services and applications, driving innovation within the operator's service offerings.

Improved service delivery

With NEP, operators can provide more tailored services that meet the dynamic needs of customers, thereby improving customer satisfaction and retention.