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BEAD applicant resource center

Let’s work together to connect the unconnected

Preparing for BEAD success

The US government has a goal to connect all Americans to high-speed internet and has earmarked $42 billion in funding to bring broadband access to the unserved and underserved through the Broadband Equity Access & Deployment (BEAD) program. We fully support the BEAD program and its goal of bringing broadband to all. Nokia has established manufacturing in the United States of a complete broadband solution and we have a deep understanding of the BEAD program - let us be a resource for you as you navigate the BEAD program.

What every BEAD applicant should know

BEAD State Profiles

All prospective BEAD applicants need to understand what it takes to win in the state(s) in which they plan to apply. Our state profiles provide a quick and easy-to-digest summary of what it will take to win in each state.

Build America, Buy Nokia

Nokia’s fiber optic broadband network electronics and optical modules manufactured in the U.S. meet the Buy America guidelines from the Department of Commerce. Our Buy America compliant products have been carefully selected for their performance, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, making them ideal choices for potential recipients of BEAD funding.

BEAD Compliance certification

Most states will require that you provide a compliance certification letter from the manufacturers whose products you plan to deploy as part of your BEAD application. This information will be checked against the Buy America Qualified Vendor List that NTIA will maintain for manufacturers to self-certify compliance. Request your copy of the Nokia Buy America compliance letter here.

Nokia's Buy America Compliant Solution

Nokia’s offering of Buy America compliant products are available as part of our Network-in-a-box program designed to simplify broadband deployments. Everything you need for a broadband network, configurable for your unique build, available to order today.

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