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NetGuard Audit Compliance Manager

Automate the audit and analysis of all parameters in physical and virtual networks

NetGuard ACM is part of the Nokia portfolio of orchestratable security applications that help service providers manage, maintain, assure and secure networks, as well as services.

Nokia NetGuard Audit Compliance Manager (ACM) automates the audit and analysis of all parameters in physical and virtual networks. NetGuard ACM extracts real-time parameter settings from physical and virtual network functions and performs data integrity analysis by comparing the results to industry gold standards. To help prevent service degradations and process inefficiencies, NetGuard ACM also identifies mismatches.

That’s important because next-generation programmable networks increase operational challenges. The flexibility delivered by Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) creates a dynamic environment in which service parameters and settings are frequently changed by both humans and autonomous processes. Combined with Ethernet and IP protocols used by LTE, Video, IMS and Cloud technologies, today’s networks support millions of configuration parameters. Consequently, maintaining and assuring data integrity analysis is vital.

To assure this integrity, NetGuard ACM simplifies and accelerates fine-tuning of network settings and parameters to ensure successful new service activations by delivering business process automation. It can also play a role in enhanced service assurance methodologies, improving the customer experience by automating and accelerating parameter and configuration checking.

Simplifying complexity

Flexible, future-ready, powerful

  • NetGuard ACM supports physical and virtual, traditional and software-defined networks
  • Dashboard reporting delivers real business intelligence to stakeholders

Multi-vendor, Multi-technology

  • Harmonizes methods and procedures across mobile, fixed, Ethernet, IP, optical technologies and voice, video, and cloud services.

Open, adaptable, scalable

  • Easily supports new network functions and services
  • Scales to the largest networks: millions of parameters, hundreds of thousands of network functions

Features and benefits


Data integrity analytics

  • Customize by location, technology, parameter, vendor
  • Receive notification of service impacting changes
  • Eliminate service parameter misconfigurations, reduce outages or degradations

Reconcile and correct

  • Correct mismatches and discrepancies, apply gold standards network-wide or to select network functions
  • Define new standards based on audited data

Data import flexibility

  • Import, manage and store gold standard baseline data

Real-time data capture

  • Schedule data collection from network functions: physical and virtual, multi-vendor, multi-technology

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