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NetGuard Endpoint Detection
and Response

Designed for mission-critical infrastructures

NetGuard Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is an advanced security software designed to protect critical telecommunications infrastructure from cyber threats. It offers real-time monitoring of network function data and traffic for rapid threat detection and response. Featuring a modular architecture, NetGuard EDR is tailored to meet specific network security needs while minimizing integration costs.

Why do Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need EDR?

As the demand for advanced 5G cybersecurity grows, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face new challenges in transitioning to emerging technologies and developing Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and Container Network Functions (CNF). Enterprises with mission-critical requirements rely on CSPs for seamless connectivity, heightening the stakes.

While 5G and other advanced technologies offer exciting new use cases, they also create opportunities for hackers to target telecom networks. Threats include exploiting network slicing, evading intrusion detection, and leveraging supply chain vulnerabilities. This evolving threat landscape complicates the efforts of Security Operations (SecOps) teams to detect anomalies, respond in real-time, and protect critical telecom infrastructure.

Upgrade your network security with NetGuard EDR

NetGuard EDR offers telco-specialized threat detection and mitigation capabilities to protect critical network functions without impacting their integrity and performance. It has no kernel dependencies, causes no resource competition, and complies with necessary country-specific telecom regulations.

Focusing on the unique requirements of telecom infrastructure, NetGuard EDR provides real-time threat detection on the network layer, fast incident response and increased security against the evolving threat landscape. With a unified visibility of network functions data and traffic, it eliminates network blind spots and accelerates threat mitigation.

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NetGuard EDR benefits

NetGuard EDR guarantees compliance with the telecommunications regulations, while maintaining the integrity, performance, and security of the critical network functions.

Visibility over network functions data and traffic eliminating blind spots

Flexible deployment models, available on-prem or hybrid

Real-time threat detection with no resource impact on network functions

Tested and certified for Nokia network functions

Accelerated incident response on CNF and VNF level through automated workflows

Telco-driven XDR use cases through integration with NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome

Why choose NetGuard EDR?

NetGuard EDR combines advanced threat detection and response capabilities against network-level threats in a single user interface. It offers granular visibility and control over individual network functions, while it also monitors the traffic to rapidly detect anomalies.

When deployed alongside NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome, it enables advanced AI and automation for enhanced protection. It is compatible with existing security systems, accelerating threat detection, root cause analysis and telco-specific mitigation.

Norlys secures core network endpoints with our telco grade NetGuard EDR

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