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NetGuard Endpoint Detection and Response

Designed for mission critical infrastructures

NetGuard Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is designed to protect telecommunications network components, that collects, aggregates, indexes, and analyzes the network element data to detect and respond to 5G threats such as intrusion, and behavioral anomalies. It provides real-time data monitoring and reporting on potential threats with automated incident response. The NetGuard EDR comes with a modular architecture that allows you to meet exact 5G network security requirements to protect your telco network and reduce your integration cost.

Upgrade your telecom security with NetGuard EDR

As the demand for upgraded 5G cybersecurity models continues to increase, the transition to 5G networks and the development of Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and Container Network Functions (CNF) present new challenges for telecom infrastructure. NetGuard EDR is a telco solution designed to address these challenges and provide adequate protection.

NetGuard EDR uses an agent-based approach to monitor network activity and detect threats in real-time. The collected network data is aggregated, indexed, and analyzed to identify intrusions and behavioral anomalies. With its modular architecture, telecom networks can benefit from real-time monitoring, fast automated incident response and increased security against the evolving threat landscape.

NetGuard EDR benefits include:

The NetGuard EDR guarantees the network compliance with the telecommunications regulations, while maintaining the integrity, performance, and security of the critical network elements.

Available on-prem or in hybrid or cloud deployment

High network function integrity and performance

Tested and pre-certified for Nokia network elements such as Cloud-Native Functions (CNF) and Virtual Network Functions (VNF)

Minimal resources impact on Network Functions

Reduced cost of integration

Telco-driven XDR use cases easily integrates with NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome 

NetGuard EDR detection capabilities:

  • Anomalies of user access and behaviour
  • Suspicious file system changes, errors in logs or process execution
  • Outbound network scans and reconnaissance
  • Configuration changes, unknown software installation or container image deviations
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Remediation actions

Threat Intelligence Report 2023

Design and topology of NetGuard EDR 


Why NetGuard EDR helps to build trust:

  • Automated deployment on endpoints and centralized configured and maintained 
  • Deployable on-prem and in any cloud environment
  • Scalable to tens of thousands of endpoints
  • Threat hunting with advanced AI/ML analysis and Auto-response capability

NetGuard EDR improves analyst workflow while prioritizing resilience and providing customization for investigation, response, and threat hunting. It also maps detections to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to investigate alerts further.

NetGuard EDR is part of the Nokia NetGuard Security ecosystem and benefits from our wealth of experience

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