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NetGuard Identity Access Manager

Secure physical or virtual networks with Privileged Access Management (PAM)


Nokia NetGuard Identity Access Manager (IAM) is a Privileged Access Management (PAM) / Privileged Identity Management (PIM) application that secures physical or virtual network functions and resources.

NetGuard IAM acts as a centralized security gateway that allows you to control, monitor and audit privileged access to all mission-critical network and IT systems through a single pane of glass. It provides unified identity access control and single sign-on with centralized policy management.

The only solution specifically designed for communication service providers (CSPs), NetGuard IAM delivers unmatched network-wide scalability, high availability, supporting any type of network element, virtual network function or data center infrastructure.

Privilege diagram

Offering centralized security policy administration, NetGuard IAM easily integrates into existing corporate identity management systems. It improves security administration processes across tens-of-thousands of users as well as across large, multi-vendor, multi-technology networks and applications. NetGuard IAM enforces robust and consistent security policies with automated security measures such as automated password rotation of all privileged credentials in your network following pre-defined password syntax rules.

User access can be configured for an individual network resource or a group of network resources using either dynamic or static network resource groups. Users can access the network with either shared service accounts or dedicated named user accounts provisioned in the network by NetGuard IAM itself.

Advanced Access Management Capabilities

The NetGuard Machine-to-Machine (M2M) module allows a customer to remove privileged credentials from scripts and applications. The M2M module credentials are retrieved at run time in a secure fashion from the backend NetGuard IAM application server.

With our Access Governance Module (AGM) you can automatically give end-users the ability to request access to network resources, then notify the appropriate network resource owner for approval or rejection. This eliminates administration overhead by giving all users of the application functionality to self-govern the access. AGM workflows can be customized as needed to meet the corporate access governance or procedural guidelines.

Protecting today’s and tomorrow’s networks

Nokia NetGuard Identity Access Manager is an integrated software module of Nokia’s Security, Orchestration, Analytics and Response (SOAR) suite: industry-leading software powered by machine learning, analytics and automation that provides extensive visibility and insight into the nature of security threats, and drives intelligent, automated responses.

It helps to protect physical and virtual network assets while providing ubiquitous Identity and Access Management to infrastructure, resources, and systems for traditional, virtualized, cloud-based and Software Defined Networks (SDN).

Address critical security management pain-points

Manage network function security

Automate and centrally manage network privileged account passwords across all physical or virtual network functions.

Manage role-based user privileges

Assign privileges by network function type, or management and orchestration systems.

Simplify user access, improve user experience

A secure proxy portal with user specific credentials and a customized view of authorized applications, resources, and network functions.

Audit and replay user activity

Centrally log and forensically review user and process activity with full command line (CLI) and video (GUI) logging, including live session mirroring.

Benefits and features

Benefits of NetGuard’s Privileged Access Management

  • Eliminate insider threats
  • Exceed regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Secures virtual network functions and infrastructure
  • Harmonizes security access heterogeneous networks
  • Accelerate incident analysis responsiveness by 80%
  • Improve security administration expenses by millions of dollars
  • User Entity & Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) when used with our SOAR solution – NetGuard Security Management Center


  • Proven scalability to over 100,000 network functions and users


  • Integrates into corporate IDM, HR systems, and multifactor authentication systems


  • 99.999% availability with a distributed, service-oriented architecture
  • Secure, fault-tolerant communications


  • Agent-less operation; no software is ever installed network functions, elements or network resources
  • Centrally assign permissions, user groupings, view all active sessions and logs
  • Rapid support new network functions, systems, and infrastructure


  • Manage all types of network functions across mobile, wireline and enterprise
  • Support both file-oriented and individually retrievable parameter sets
  • Video and command-line interface logging
  • Supports any network function, OSS/BSS, Orchestration systems, databases, and servers, including graphical application (GUI) access
“"With any network, there are key security challenges. We need to make sure vendors and internal users are following the proper security policies. Role-based access control is key. Nokia’s NetGuard IAM provides role-based access control and ensures proper people have access to proper systems. Nokia’s single sign-on solution is key to our network."”
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