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NetGuard Security Management Center

Secure all of your networks with one solution

NetGuard Security Management Center (SMC) is an easy-to-use security operations analytics and reporting solution that enables operators to prevent, pinpoint, and address security threats before they result in breaches. NetGuard SMC aggregates and analyzes and enriches security data from a variety of sources with a service provider context to help security and network operations teams assess business risks, improve decision making, control costs and risk. NetGuard SMC integrates security systems, regardless of vendor, to analyze security posture and manage incidents, vulnerabilities, as well as security policies and network aces. NetGuard SMC helps shrink detection time by 80 percent, accelerate recovery time by 75 percent, and investigation time by more than 50 percent.

As the cyberattack surface has grown, many of the technologies used to address it have contributed to security management complexity, often creating segmented data that requires a great deal of time and resources to unify. Many conventional security management solutions provide limited insight into the actual security posture of networks.

The SMC allows security and network operations teams to dramatically improve situation awareness, while improving operational efficiency by automating and guiding threat responses. SMC Analytics and Reporting provides insight into user and network entity behaviors, delivering an ability to extract and visualize insight from a variety of security intelligence sources.

Simplifying complexity


Supports physical and virtual, as well as traditional and software-defined networks.

Proactive prevention

Measure risk posture and the state of the environment.

Automated protection

SMC risk detection engine recommends corrective actions and supports workflow automation.

Data analytics and reporting

SMC provides big data architecture and customer defined, configurable dashboards.

Dashboard reporting

Deliver real business intelligence to CxOs and technical stakeholders.

Security Management Center

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