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Analytics and AI services

Digital transformation powered by Nokia AVA

Operating a telco network has always been complex. But with massive data growth and multiple layers of network technology, tomorrow’s IoT and 5G networks will be more complex than ever. With pressure on headcount, many operators are already reaching the limits of what their human engineers can achieve. That’s why analytics and AI, with help from automation, is vitally important for the future of network operations.

Nokia Cognitive Services are designed to help telcos overcome the challenges: to improve operational effectiveness and enhance the customer experience. Most operators are seeing flat or falling revenues: analytics can potentially help reduce churn and incubate new sources of revenue.

The Nokia AVA Telco AI Ecosystem provides Artificial Intelligence solutions that can be delivered through the cloud with Microsoft Azure or other public and private cloud options.  The solutions enable Communications Service Providers to automate network operations and service assurance, cutting costs, increasing agility and boosting subscriber experience.  And our solutions are delivered as a service, so there’s zero upfront CAPEX.

What makes Nokia AVA different?

We bring six key capabilities that enable us to deliver more value for telcos.

Telco expertise

Best practice in telco operations (1 billion subscribers under managed service), innovation and industry experience.

Helps with: data quality (knowing how to curate needed data sources) also data science skills (indirectly by helping ensure we solve the right problems through AI) and successfully scaling PoCs.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) flexibility

Azure has global presence which is constantly expanding.  Azure also offers high bandwidth connections of 100 GBPS via 6 x different options include ExpressRoute. Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers flexible deployment through Public Cloud (Nokia or customer subscription), ability to ramp-up and ramp-down cloud compute,  storage and connectivity resources as required.

Helps with scaling PoCs.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) excellence

Azure delivers best in class Platform as-a-Service (PaaS). Azure PaaS provides rich capabilities regarding data processing & AI, as well as security, multi-tenancy, backup, disaster recovery – and Microsoft continues to invest to improve the platform.

Helps with: Scaling PoCs and also data quality. Furthermore, Azure can also be a booster for the ecosystem, making it easier to engage and include third party solutions on a wide spread and common PaaS layer.


includes Nokia methodology, tooling and culture used to create and operationalise AI use cases through the Cognitive Collaboration Hub team in Vimercate and the in Global Service Delivery team in Lisbon.  Azure PaaS also plays a role, providing a DevOps platform to enable productivity improvements, more flexibility in deployment and operations, and easier co-operation for co-development.  

Helps with: successfully scaling PoCs.

AI and analytics

includes Nokia Bell Labs Machine Learning algorithms, pre-built & proven cognitive use cases, AVA brand awareness (10+ awards) and also aspects of Azure PaaS that make it easier to develop, deploy and operationalise AI solutions.

Helps with: successfully scaling PoCs.

Collaboration hubs

Facilities where our cross-functional teams help co-create bespoke AI solutions.

Helps with: data quality (part of Use Case creation process) & data science skills.

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