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Circular products and services

Ensure that your network evolution is sustainable 

Nokia is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products, operations, manufacturing and supply chains. As networks evolve and new technologies replace legacy equipment, you are looking for sustainable ways to expand your networks and reduce e-waste. We enable you to shift more quickly into circular economies to reduce CO2 emissions and evolve your networks to more energy efficient products that are designed with recycling in mind.

Nokia offers a cost-effective answer to the challenges of resource-efficient operations and network modernization. We take on the collecting, refurbishing, reusing, selling and recycling of telecom equipment during network upgrades or expansions. We help you to meet international environmental standards while optimizing your CAPEX and OPEX. We consult with you on the design of your program taking a long-term view that evaluates your present and future needs.  

Nokia circular services

Nokia Circular services include: 

Asset recovery, reacquiring and handling your surplus products including consultation, logistics and project management

Refurbishment, testing and validation of dismantled network equipment for reuse

Circular products and parts, monetizing the value of legacy products and parts using a Nokia organized brokerage

Reuse, extending product lifecycles by reusing equipment in other parts of the network

Recycling, maximizing material recycling and recovery, thus minimizing landfill

Strong ecosystem, ensures that you have access to our global partners who are committed to circular products and services

Full warranty and support, Circular products and Services meet the same Nokia quality standards as new units and are eligible for Nokia warranty and support.

Network evolution can be challenging

When it comes time to upgrade or replace an existing network, operators can find it difficult to optimize the final solution to ensure that there is the least amount of waste and the greatest re-use of products and materials. It takes time and knowledge to plan and design the process optimally. Many products can be reused and resold, but the operator isn’t always best positioned to assess the viability of used products and what the market is for them. In terms of recycled materials, the market is in constant flux making the recycling of equipment sometimes complex. 

Circular products and services can help

At Nokia, we are focused on meeting our customers’ ESG goals. Our Circular 3R solutions help operators achieve reductions in the extraction of virgin raw materials, decrease their CO2e emissions and limit eWaste. The Circular Products and Services provides multiple benefits:

Cost savings

  • Increased ROI through more accurate network planning
  • Cash generation from the sale of old equipment, offsetting the cost of new equipment and reduced warehousing requirements for obsolete inventory
  • Cost-effective disposal of all electronic waste to internationally recognized standards of safety and environmental protection

Improved performance

  • Improved network performance through automated optimization
  • More efficient operations and better use of resources

Proactive and responsive

  • Rapid resolution of network issues
  • Prevent service degradations before they occur

Peace of mind

  • Access to emergency and stop-gap products and spares that are not available on the prime market
  • Warranty provided on refurbished equipment

The impact of circular products and services

Nokia is committed to a 50% reduction of our 2019 absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. To meet this target, we are evolving our manufacturing and supply chain processes to use less energy and deliver more services remotely.  

We have also developed solutions to reduce, reuse and recycle (3R). These initiatives help both Nokia and our customers to employ circular principles throughout the lifespan of our products that ensure material efficiency and reduce eWaste.

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