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Advanced Telecom Consulting Services

Telecom consulting to drive your digital transformation


Not all telco service providers have the in-house skills or resources to transform their network and business to a cloud-native infrastructure. Even those that do may lack confidence that they’re following the latest industry standards, best practices and use cases.

Our consultants within Advanced Consulting Services (ACS) draw on deep network, software and business process and technology expertise as well as practical, real-world experience to help you leverage best practices from top industry performers. With a full suite of telecommunications consulting services, we take a vendor- and product-agnostic view of your infrastructure and operations, to determine the best way to overcome obstacles to become a digital service provider (DSP) in today’s rapidly changing competitive landscape.

Together, we can maximize your telecom business to be at the forefront of the 5G/IoT future with knowledge and experience in revenue growth, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and more.

How can consulting help achieve your business priorities?

Enhance customer experience

  • Uncover new insights about your customers to increase satisfaction
  • Unlock the value of data

Transform cloud network

  • Increase efficiency and flexibility with cloud-native solutions
  • Be a market leader in the cloud

Follow compliance regulations

  • Stay updated with the latest regulations and standards in 5G security
  • Ensure compliance with regulation requirements

Reduce cyber risks

  • Assess Telco threats and risks to enable fact-based decision
  • Helps 5G Security Transformations to enable new services with acceptable risks

Optimize telco technology

  • Start your journey toward digital service delivery
  • Become a true DSP

Grow revenue

  • Identify new revenue streams faster
  • Achieve goals in a future-ready way

Data Science and Analytics Consulting


Achieve your business goals by leveraging data and insights. Our telecom consulting experts have the deep expertise to uncover new insights about your customers and your network.

Through a proven methodology, we use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide you with access to the highest quality data, along with the flexibility to explore that data. With data-driven analytics reports, you can make more strategic decisions that can ultimately help you to grow revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and optimize your resources to improve process efficiency.

Operations Consulting

Our Advanced Consulting Services can help you deliver a better customer experience and be positioned for ongoing success in the future. Within our Operations Consulting portfolio, we offer a variety of services to best meet your goals and objectives.

  • Our digital operations consulting helps you understand your current level of operational maturity, analyze gaps and define your ideal future operations model
  • Service operations center (SOC) consulting can evolve your SOC from reactive, network-centric legacy operations to a proactive, service-centric approach
  • Process transformation consulting gives you a customized multi-year roadmap with prioritized initiatives for operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS) evolution

Cybersecurity Consulting

Nokia Cybersecurity Consulting brings deep 3G, 4G and 5G security expertise and can help CSPs to assess their security risks, processes and designs to secure their network and services with acceptable risks. With one of the world’s only end-to-end 5G security capabilities based on in-house research and products, our security consultants can help you with your security transformation such as 4G to 5G, reactive to pro-active security operations or private to public Telco cloud infrastructure. Manage your cyber threats and protect the security and privacy of sensitive business data, critical infrastructure, and all other aspects of your network with our guidance.

Technology Consulting

Communication service providers (CSPs) are spending more than ever on technology with 5G, automation, AI and more. Our technology consultants can help you meet your current goals by analyzing what’s the right telco technology for you to invest in to achieve your long-term business strategies. Within our technology consulting portfolio, we offer a variety of services to best meet your goals.

  • Technology blueprint creation identifies a clear path for standards-based evolution and a future-proof architecture framework.
  • Telco cloud consulting helps you define a comprehensive telco cloud strategy aligned with your business goals, including a complete roadmap for workload migration.
  • Solution optimization enhances the performance of your deployed Nokia software solutions over the long term.

Cloud Transformation Consulting

As you transform your business with cloud-native solutions and move your network to either a public, private or hybrid cloud environment, you’ll need the right telco technology to stay a leader in the market while meeting your business goals.

With expertise and experience, Nokia Cloud Transformation Consulting services can help you enable rapid onboarding and scale new services for breakthrough business agility through cloud-native solutions. Let us help you embrace the 5G future with cloud strategy.

Why partner with Advanced Consulting Services?


consulting partner for many tier 1 CSPs


years of global consulting experience


Field-proven use cases and process maps.


consulting processes developed specifically for use with CSPs


customer experience transformation programs globally

“I am impressed by how well Nokia’s Advanced Consulting team listened and understood what we really needed, and the domain knowledge they exhibited. They earned a high level of trust and I would not hesitate to call them again as my trusted advisors for other projects. I rate their work on this project a 6 out of 5!”
Ray Barghi, PhD
Executive Director of the Maryland Research and Education Network (MDREN)

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