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Data Science and Analytics Consulting

Transform your network experience with data-driven insights

Unlock the value of your data with strategies that draw on deep telecoms experience including driving analytics in the hyperscaler domain. With advanced data/algorithm expertise, improve your business and network operational outcomes with your existing analytics solutions. Leveraging the strength of our full suite of Nokia Advanced Consulting Services, our vendor-agnostic strategies can help you boost revenue, make confident decisions, drive operations efficiencies and enhance telco customer experience.

Why to use Data Science and Analytics Consulting?

Operations efficiencies via actionable network analytics

Our global team of data consultants, data engineers and data scientists can help support your ongoing strategies or overcome business problems by leveraging our E2E telco knowledge and utilizing our rich use case catalogue focusing on the right insights to take value-based actions across operations, engineering, marketing, and leadership teams. 

Three E2E views enhanced by Data Science and Analytics Consulting

Enhance your strategic decision-making by utilizing all valuable network data (OSS, Probe, CRM etc.) to create E2E views for:

  • Network capacity planning – Develop smarter approaches to network planning and capacity load management
  • Control and optimization – Solve resource contention and RAN/CORE congestion issues while optimizing the network for customer experience
  • Service assurance and network performance management – Optimize your network performance and operations with AI and analytics-based use cases.

Be prepared to counter disruptive over-the-top and internet service provider competition, decrease capital expenditures through smart, targeted network
modernization, and deploy a new insights framework to make your operations more agile. 

Enhance Customer Experience via customer insights analytics

Magnify your customer experience by understanding your customers experience across every touchpoint in their digital journey. Customer Insights Analytics provides you with the ability to create insights either predictively or proactively to drive target actions that lead to new opportunities with a clear business advantage. 

Learn to account for the nuances and complexities of a delivery path containing more players every day.

Launch profitable telco services with AI

Our expert analytics practice can help you launch profitable new telco services based on customer behaviors, improve the customer experience with targeted, personalized offers and optimize complex sales and marketing processes.

Reduce churn with ML data insights

Our team uses multidimensional analytics models to deliver insights in areas such as:

  • Customer experience index – Identify the best targets for upsell and retention campaigns based on service delivery KPIs and customer preferences 
  • Network data monetization – Launch and monetize compelling new persona data-driven services and business models with insights to engage customers i.e. move to targeted campaigns
  • Proactive customer care analytics – Reduce customer complaints and resolution times for customer-affecting issues with an AI/ML data-driven framework
  • Churn reduction – proactively identify customer at risk to reduce churn

Analyze data with AI/ML: 5G investment insights

Effectively analyze data from complex and evolving sources without needing an in-house hard to find data science expert. Address various domains across your organization with an analytics operations model of AI/ML use cases. 

Make better 5G investment decisions and improve the way you manage and monetize existing data, enhance your products and services using customer behavior, and make business and operations models more efficient with analytics-driven processes. 

Nokia analytics experts: AI/ML advice, insights and integration

Our team of analytics experts are deft, dedicated and methodical in delivering insights using:

  • Data analytics advisory and assessment – Some projects can help define, implement, and optimize analytics strategies, tools, algorithms and more
  • Insight discovery and problem analysis – Gain intelligent insights such as root cause analysis either on demand or as a subscription
  • Dashboards and reports – Custom-built reports and dashboards to make it easy for you to monitor your network KPIs for analytics-based decision making
  • Model integration – Using AI/ML use cases, our team can help integrate your analytics models with Nokia solutions and third-party cloud platforms

Benefits of Data Science and Analytics Consulting


$20M decrease in roaming cost – North American operator

Customer experience

25% uplift in churn vs random model – “predict close to 40% of actual churners in looking at the top-10% of potential “churners 


15% savings in network maintenance – Middle Eastern operator


1% savings in network capital investment – North American operator

SOC operations:

40% improvement in MTTR for IVIPs

Weekly 30-50K impacted subs improved, including 30% HVC

Why partner with Advanced Consulting Services?


consulting partner for many tier 1 CSPs


years of global consulting experience


Field-proven use cases and process maps.


consulting processes developed specifically for use with CSPS


customer experience transformation programs globally

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