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Telco Operations Consulting

Chart your path to operational maturity and agility

Enable your digital business with agile operations with a clear roadmap to simplify your operations ecosystem

Leveraging the strength of our full suite of Nokia Advanced Consulting Services, Nokia Operations Consulting is the key to unlocking the transformation of your operations, allowing you to deliver a truly exceptional customer experience. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by today's telco industry, our expert consultants have developed a comprehensive approach to help you become a digital service provider (DSP) that truly stands apart from the competition.

Our structured methodology begins with defining your specific goals and vision for the future. With this foundation in place, we work with you to identify the operational capabilities that require alignment with best practices and the processes that need streamlining. Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way, providing the insights, tools, and support necessary to succeed.

Embark on your digital transformation journey and experience the power of Nokia Operations Consulting today:

Clear vision

Move confidently toward your desired future state with a step-by-step operations transformation plan including key initiatives and milestones.

Competitive strength

Streamline and optimize your operations to compete with even the nimblest players in your market.

5G readiness

Build the operational infrastructure and end-to end service orchestration you need to underpin your ongoing evolution toward 5G — and whatever comes next.

Measurable progress

Keep your plan on track with governance and accountability frameworks to achieve every milestone.

Agility to partner

Position yourself to partner on innovative, high value services for smart cities, e-health, industrial automation and more

Digital operations consulting

Nokia operations consultants work with you to prioritize your top initiatives in telco projects and most projects involve a vision assessment to clarify your operational vision, business drivers and key use cases for telecommunications consulting services. Through a gap analysis, our experts will understand the current level of operational maturity (including AIOps and automation), analyze the gaps and define your future operational state to meet your goals. 

Service Operations Consulting (SOC)

The shift from a network-centric model to a service-centric model can be a challenge for many CSPs as they transform to become a DSP. While traditional network operations center concentrates on network metrics, the service-centric approach focuses on service quality metrics with automated network healing capabilities. 

Our expert operations consultant can help migrate your network operations center (NOC) to a service-centric model starting with a NOC assessment to pinpoint key focus areas for your transition. We’ll design a SOC model to fit your needs and to ensure long-term sustainability, we’ll advise you on key metrics and best practices.

Ultimately helping you monitor service delivery proactively and respond faster to issues that affect your customers.

AI Operations Maturity Assessment (AIOMA)

Artificial Intelligence technologies including machine learning have been applied to a wide variety of CSP challenges in the transformation to a DSP. The rising data volumes and technical complexity of today’s and tomorrow’s networks are outstripping the capability of manual teams to operate them efficiently. The prize of achieving closed loop operations required not only automated action but automated decision-making, driven by artificial intelligence. 

We bring operations consulting experts and AI technology specialists together to perform a comprehensive and unparalleled assessment process with our AI Operations Maturity Assessment. We map your maturities across eight broad categories and sixty-seven sub-categories to provide a heat map of strengths and weaknesses in the complex challenge of applying AI technology productively and cost-effectively. We will identify the crucial gaps that are holding your AI programs back and provide a roadmap of targeted recommendations to solve the gaps.

Applying AI to your operations is quickly becoming the standard among operators and there is no time to fall behind.

Process Transformation Consulting for Operation Support Systems (OSS) in telco

The focus on virtualization and evolved infrastructure requires significant changes to your legacy OSS approach. Our operations consultants will create an E2E process transformation blueprint to give you the OSS capabilities to scale your operations and compete in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Expand your customer engagement across all channels and position yourself for the future with end-to-end service orchestration. 

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