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Technology Consulting

Accelerate your digital transformation with future-proof technology architecture

Invest in the right technology and keep up with disruptive change.

Customer expectations and external forces such as COVID-19 can be unpredictable. Change is constant and drives us to adapt with technology. To speed up service deployment and monetization of these adaptations, technology that is highly scalable with multi-tenant cloud-native architectures and meets industry standards is needed.

Leveraging the strength of our full suite of Nokia Advanced Consulting Services, Nokia Technology Consulting has the expertise to help you transition to an open, modern, software-based architecture with tools, frameworks and technologies that enable transformation to new operating and business models. 

Together – we can help you plan, transform, and optimize your deployed solutions to get the highest possible return on your technology investments.

Unlock digital transformation with AI-driven 5G

When software is siloed and hard to manage, our team of technology consulting experts can help define an end-to-end migration path from your legacy systems to a modular, cloud-native to software-based architecture that’s driven by data and artificial intelligence (AI) to support 5G.

Our approach includes assessing your current architecture and operating model against industry standards and best practices to identify any gaps. Next, we’ll work with you on developing a strategy for evolution that’s compliant with industry standards (such as ODA, Zoom, ETSI, TAM, TOGAF). Lastly, we’ll provide you with a value-based roadmap to plan and manage your transformation.

With this service:

  • Achieve faster time to market for new services (with hybrid fulfilment and zero-touch automation)
  • Create profitable new B2B models using network slices, IoT and low-latency services
  • Use advanced analytics to gather insights from network usage, service quality, billing, and customer interactions

Cloud Consulting: Secure cloud migration and expert guidance

Cloud migration can bring risks from data loss to costly service disruptions. Our cloud consultants have the expertise to ensure your data is safe and secure from the beginning to the end of your migration. Meet your strategic goals with a resilient cloud infrastructure that is truly cost-effective and delivers the performance you need.

By understanding your business drivers for moving to the cloud, we’ll define a cloud architecture and help you choose the right technology to build it. Through a stepwise approach, you’ll have a seamless cloud migration with available support.

Secure multi-cloud strategies for revenue

  • Future-proof your cloud strategy with expert design that supports multi—vendor cloud networks
  • Monetize your cloud assets and generate new revenue
  • Minimize risk during the migration phase and get comprehensive cloud security 
  • Bring your cloud deployments to market faster

Optimizing Nokia software solutions

Even the best software architecture can degrade as your operating context changes with new services or customer and business dynamics. Our technology consultants have the expertise to ensure you continue to get peak performance out of your Nokia software solutions without interventions ranging from configuration changes to full re-architecting. 

Continuing to assess your Nokia Solutions’ performance against industry standards, best practices and utilization forecasts can identify areas for improvement. Based on your business goals, we may recommend configuration adjustments, re-deployments, software upgrades, hardware expansions and re-architecting.

Maximizing Nokia software solutions ROI

  • Maximize the value and return on investment of your Nokia software solutions
  • Ensure your solutions are performing at industry best practice levels
  • Deliver a better user experience with improved solution performance

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