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Cloud Transformation Consulting

Achieve value faster with the power of the cloud

No matter where you are in your journey, Nokia Cloud Transformation Consulting can help you get there faster with a future-proof cloud strategy.

The drive to cloud transformation is clear. However, the journey to telco cloud comes with a long list of questions. To make sure you're investing in the right cloud technology, get the best operational results, and create a well-architected security framework, you need a clear plan and flexible solutions.

Leveraging the strength of our full suite of Nokia Advanced Consulting Services, Nokia Cloud Transformation Consulting can help you choose the right cloud strategy and evolve your business operations for cloud smoothly and securely. We cover everything from customer touchpoints, customer experience and service performance, to process evaluations and key performance indicator (KPI) tracking.

A standards-based, cloud-oriented approach

Our expert cloud consultants use industry-best practices for assessing, designing and implementing solutions tailored to your specific needs and measure investment returns.

Cloud transformation is more than just updating technology. Within the broader service, there are three cloud transformation domains to streamline your operations, secure your network and maximize business opportunities. It covers everything from customer touchpoints, customer experience and service performance, to process evaluations and key performance indicator (KPI) tracking.

Cloud Technology Transformation Consulting

Nokia cloud consultants work with you to define a cloud strategy, perform a technology assessment and implementation a roadmap for managing risks. With a cloud migration readiness assessment, we help you determine your best cloud option (public, private or hybrid) to ensure you comply with network and security regulations as you prepare to manage a diverse ecosystem of CNFs/VNFs.


Cloud Operations Transformation Consulting

Develop a future mode of operations powered by AI and automation that is also secure. Our expert cloud consultants will implement a cloud operating model to eliminate silos and reduce handovers to simplify cloud operations for quality, efficiency, scalability and agility. Thus, allowing our cloud operations consultants to help CSPs manage change in their organizations and teams.

Using Nokia’s Advanced Telecom Operating Model (ATOM) framework, we’ll leverage industry standards to enable CSPs to reap the benefits of the cloud via efficient cloud operations.

Cloud Security Transformation Consulting

Data loss/leakage, accidental exposure of credentials and breach in data privacy/ confidentiality are some of the top cloud security concerns. Nokia’s cybersecurity consultants bring a systematic approach to defining and launching 5G cloud security architectures. Starting with a holistic security assessment of CSP KPIs and a well-planned approach at each stage to ensure security concerns are addressed.

The benefits of having a cloud transformation partner

Nokia Cloud Transformation Consulting brings global experience, learnings and best practices to help you harness the benefits of cloud technology in line with your strategic goals. Our cloud consultants have the experience, processes and tools to help you:  

  • Select the right cloud deployment model
  • Develop a robust, future-proof cloud technology strategy aligned with your business goals
  • Create a roadmap for cloud migration of both legacy and virtualized workloads
  • Automate cloud operations for efficiency and agility
  • Secure the expanded perimeter, including cloud infrastructure you may not own
  • Develop, execute and monitor every phase of execution 

Why partner with Advanced Consulting Services?


consulting partner for many tier 1 CSPs


years of global consulting experience


Field-proven use cases and process maps


consulting processes developed specifically for use with CSPs


customer experience transformation programs globally

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