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Business consulting

Continuous value creation for your future business

Business transformation delivering real business results

Nokia business consulting helps you maximize your return on investment in digital transformation and business support systems (BSS) for competitive advantage. We use a rigorous methodology to assess opportunities and design and implement solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our process covers everything from customer touch points, customer experience and service performance to process evaluations and key performance indicator (KPI) tracking.


Telco cloud business consulting for continuous value creation

  • Customer experience consulting - Develop strategies to retain high-value customers by ensuring the best service experience possible.
  • Customer care transformation consulting – Use network intelligence and automation to improve and differentiate your contact center functions and touchpoints.
  • 5G innovation consulting – Create new business models and creative use cases to boost your business KPIs and define your 5G future.
  • IoT innovation consulting – Capitalize on emerging opportunities with your existing technologies, 5G or both.
  • Digital engagement consulting - Identify new revenue streams faster and transform your customer experience as a digital service provider.

Nokia business consulting can help you maximize your business today and be at the forefront of the 5G/IoT future, with expertise and experience in revenue growth, customer experience, operational efficiency and more.


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