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Data science and analytics consulting

Unlock the full potential of your network and customer data

Telecom data consulting to transform the customer experience

Nokia data science and analytics consulting helps you turn data into actionable insights to boost revenues, enhance your customers’ experience and fend off disruptive new competitors. We can help you unlock the value of your data with strategies that draw on deep telecoms experience and advanced algorithm expertise to improve your business and operational outcomes.

Advanced telecom data science and analytics consulting services to maximize your network and customer data value

  • Actionable network analytics - Analyze all network related drivers that can impact network performance and customer experience, providing the insights you need to prioritize remediation and prevent network issues.
  • Customer insights analytics – Review every touchpoint in the customer journey, identifying which customers are having a good experience and which ones are not, so you can improve the overall customer experience.
  • Data science and predictive analytics – Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to effectively analyze and gain valuable insights from complex and evolving data sources.

Our data science and analytics experts can help you grow revenue, increase customer satisfaction, optimize your resources and improve process efficiency by uncovering new insights about your customers and your network.

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