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Operations consulting

Proven methods to achieve mature and agile operations

Operational transformation for long-term digital success  

Nokia operations consulting lets you lay the groundwork and begin your transformation into a true digital service provider (DSP) by helping to completely reinvent your telecom operations with automation throughout. We bring a deep expertise in OSS and operational transformation to help mature and simplify your operations and fundamentally rethink how you get things done.

Telco operations consulting to build agile, mature operations

  • Digital operations consulting - Understand your current level of operational maturity, analyze gaps and define your ideal future operations model.
  • Service operations center (SOC) consulting - Evolve your SOC from reactive, network-centric legacy operations to a proactive, service-centric approach.
  • Process transformation consulting - Gain a customized multi-year roadmap with prioritized initiatives for operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS) evolution designed to deliver maximum value.

Nokia operations consulting can help you deliver a better customer experience now and be positioned for ongoing success in the future.

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