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Cloud services

Virtualize your end-to-end network

With the advent of network virtualization (NFV) and network abstraction using software-defined networking (SDN) technologies, the pace of telco-IT consolidation can be expected to speed up considerably. Key challenges that customers will face as a result of this technology trend are the need to:

  • Develop new operations skills, processes, and tools to enable the operations of virtualized platforms and networks in a cost-effective way
  • Manage the transformation of hardware-based networks toward NFV/SDN

Nokia Managed Services offers a range of solutions to meet these challenges with a new delivery model called “horizontal operations”. By developing a Cloud Service Factory, the Nokia Managed Services approach will adopt horizontal operations enabling the delivery of Managed Cloud Services (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS/NaaS) for virtualized network products from Nokia (e.g., vIMS, vCPE, vEPC and OSS applications) and also manage network virtualization transformation for customers.

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