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Digital network operations

Digital network operations transforms the network from a best-effort consumer service engine to a predictable multi-service connectivity hub for basically any kind of industrial use case able to meet the most stringent and extreme connectivity requirements. The managed service helps deliver more services to more customers at the same cost level with fully automated dynamic operations. Service providers can operate 1000s of business slices in parallel on the same network infrastructure.

The managed service is based on data-driven dynamic quality management optimizing slice performance and network resource utilization at any time. Digital operations integrates all network, IT and security domains for a fully automated service lifecycle.

Digital network operations enables fast exchange and utilization of data across all layers to automate and optimize processes, eliminate errors and train the network.

Digital network operations contains:

  • Customer-centric service management
  • Cognitive and orchestration layer
  • Zero-touch network operations
  • Managed security

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