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Digital operations

Maximize the 5G era opportunity – but de-risk the business model

In the 5G era, Telcos want to push into new segments with new services and quickly meet fast-changing market conditions. This brings two transformation challenges:

Revenue transformation: Fast time-to-market with new 5G use cases is key to quickly react upon new market needs, exploit innovator advantages or occupy market niches by creating true business solutions for enterprise customers. This requires speedy access to the vertical service provider and application ecosystem in conjunction with a sustainable business model that allows risk sharing.

Operations transformation: 5G is changing the way how services and networks are operated since Telcos need to exactly match network resources with the diverse and stringent requirements of different industries on a massive scale. They also need to keep TCO flat despite accelerating service and network dynamics: Operate 1000s of business slices in parallel, each defined by about 50 parameters, each with distinct SLAs, changes on the fly every minute, at virtual Zero incremental costs.

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