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Fixed networks services

Transform your broadband network and unlock its full potential

Create your broadband network of the future

In the face of unrelenting demand, broadband providers are constantly in need of ways to optimize, improve and upgrade networks. More capacity, faster speeds, streamlined costs, and innovative services are needed to keep customers loyal and keep you ahead of the competition. 

But as technology innovation cycles accelerate, it can be hard to keep up, let alone stay ahead. How are you transforming your network for next-generation services? How are you evaluating the right technology mix for your next deployment? Where and when should you be applying virtualization and AI/ML in your network operations? Are you working on network optimization? 

The virtuous circle of introducing new technologies, running and optimizing the current network, migrating and phasing out legacy networks, is no easy task. It has become essential to partner with a technology services provider with the experience in each of these areas to complement your own in-house capabilities and expertise.

World class expertise

  • 70+ broadband transformation projects
  • Expertise in networks, real-time connectivity and software 
  • Best practices and use-cases from working with customers worldwide

Extreme automation

  • Digital deployment services accelerate time to revenue
  • Automated testing services accelerate integration time and improve quality 
  • DevOps practices bring new features to market faster

Powerful analytics

  • AI/ML predict service issues before they happen
  • Augmented intelligence for more accurate problem solving and insights
  • Benchmark against peers on network quality and performance

Global assets

  • SDAN Integration Centers accelerate integration, test and validation tasks, and provide scalability
  • Migration Operations Centers with automated migration services ensure a smooth network transformation path with fewer iterations

Accelerate new broadband revenues

Our professional services portfolio for communication service providers (CSPs) simplifies the process of introducing new technologies and products, turning them quickly into revenue-generating services. 

Patented business and technology modeling tools help you build viable and accurate business cases, with the right technology and strategy to move to Gigabit and software-defined access. We help you reduce time-to-market for your network implementation by applying the right skills, tools and methodologies to the deployment process in several important areas, including automated customer self-installation technologies and digital deployment services.

System integration, automated testing services, and key assets like our Multivendor Integration Centers, bring customized solutions from the drawing board into reality. Combining Nokia’s DevOps approach and the cloud-native capabilities of the Nokia Altiplano software-defined access platform, we help you test and launch new features and services faster. This removes risk from choosing and introducing new technologies and brings your new services to market more quickly.

Network optimization and care

How do you optimize network performance and streamline network operations? Our professional services and care services make sure that your broadband network will support competitive services for many years to come. We leverage experience, knowledge and data from hundreds of broadband networks worldwide to keep your network in shape, maximize network ROI, and reduce network OPEX.

Our powerful AI/ML algorithms and automation capabilities diagnose network quality and performance and address potential network problems before they impact service quality. We use data-driven augmented intelligence to help your care teams and our experts take more accurate problem-solving actions much faster. We increase your network performance and availability and then, through benchmarking and network optimization programs, create a virtuous circle of quality improvement. 

Network transformation: phase out legacy fixed networks

It is essential that any network transformation project has zero impact on current customers, their services, and your cashflow. Our professional services ensure stable operations of legacy networks, maintaining high customer satisfaction and loyalty. This secures profitable revenues and establishes a solid foundation for a smooth and effective network and business transformation in the future. 

We keep your legacy network in the best possible condition, optimize maintenance costs, including acting as a single point of contact for multivendor networks. We help you evaluate your current operations, technologies, and networks and determine how well they meet the demands of the marketplace.

With our Migration Operations Centers, automation tools, and processes validated in service provider environments, ultimately we clear your path from current operations to a future mode of operations with an achievable transformation vision that spans networks, services, operations, and business strategies. 

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