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Ensuring the best network availability and efficient operations with the lowest TCO

Operators face new challenges for their hardware maintenance, with upcoming technologies. A wide variety of HW units are being introduced, from very heavy integrated antenna systems to low value / high volume parts. With cloud computing spreading more and more environments,  IT practices such as on-site repair become important.

With increasing requirements and needed availability, there’s no room for error. Network hardware failures can have a high network traffic impact, a more efficient, predictive hardware repair and maintenance approach is required.

While the new beneficiaries, the enterprise segment will also require a fast hardware issue isolation and fix, while also maintaining strong cost control.

Because of Fast technology development, hardware lifecycles become very short, which has an impact on spare inventory investments.

All those challenges make it more difficult for customers to Manage their TCO while modernizing. As such, to limit their costs, customers are also looking forward to Digitalization and automation possibilities.

Nokia HW Services helps you tackle these challenges. Ensuring quality HW repair and replace mixed technology units, as part of the end-to-end solution with varying volumes and weights. We also help limit spare part stock investments, that directly affect OPEX and CAPEX budgets.

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