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Managed Operations

Cutting-edge suite of managed services - accelerate digital transformation and 5G monetization

Fast and reliable networks alone can't compete without also delivering outstanding customer experiences! Business performance and customer experience have become inseparable. In fact, network quality and customer experience are today's competitive differentiators, and operations can be the enabler - or the inhibitor - of 5G monetization and 5G network return on investment.

Why Managed Operations Services?

Industry needs are evolving, but legacy network operations remain siloed. That’s preventing CSPs from delivering customized network services with stringent SLAs for a range of customer segments.

The complexity is growing with the emergence of multi-cloud environments, new 5G enterprise use cases, and automation needs driven by 5G standalone networks and network slicing.

If you want to master these opportunities and challenges without having to worry about customer experience disruptions, friction in your organization and the hassle of integrating different software solutions from different vendors, take advantage of Nokia’s leadership of proactive and predictive operations in multi-vendor environments.

Nokia has been rated "Leader” multiple times by GlobalData.


GlobalData ranks Nokia Managed Services as industry leader for fourth consecutive time

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What Managed Operations Services does Nokia offer?

When you partner with Nokia Managed Operations, you buy business outcomes rather than just technical enablers. We will jointly define with you the outcomes that you want to see, and then manage the underlying technical and process complexity.

These are just some of the immediate business outcomes Nokia Managed Services has achieved for a growing global customer base of communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises. Managing and optimizing multi-vendor network operations across mobile, fixed, and IP/Optical networks is our daily business.

It’s our job to make your valuable assets and resources – be it your personnel, capital invested or even the power you consume – work in the most productive manner at any time. We do this by:

  • Automating workload allocation across distributed and hybrid clouds 
  • Injecting AI/ML into processes for faster resolution time and increased network performance
  • Improving time-to-value for existing and future services through fully automated control of the lifecycle
  • Managing the cultural, operational and technology changes that come with digital transformation

Potential business outcomes of Managed Operations

Unique value

What we deliver

  • Proven capabilities to lift the end-user experience and drive CSP topline revenue
  • Depth and breath of AI operations capabilities and experience

How we deliver it

  • Modular services portfolio built for fast injection into existing operations
  • Full multi-vendor network operations management capabilities
  • Collaborative approach grounded in clear governance model


fewer customer complaints


faster recovery time


faster time-to-market
for new services

Nokia has three managed service offerings designed to address these issues. Each service type consists of a modular catalog of operations services with laser focus on tangible business outcomes.

Operations & Maintenance

To maximize network performance

Keep your network running with the best possible performance, availability and security, at predictable costs. Implementing technologies like 5G is one thing, operating them in a multi-technology, multi-vendor environment is another. We bring the latest expertise and tools from our Global Delivery Centers to avoid any friction when network technology changes.

Operations Transformation

For automated network operations in the cloud

Transform your operating model based on our structured programs to lift productivity and operational agility through automation. Overcome siloed, non-digital operating models with phased micro-programs and clear deliverables mapped to your objectives. Deliverables include data refinery and sequenced automation implementation and continuous improvement.

Operations Intelligence

To drive improved customer experiences

Use our AI-driven services to gain a competitive edge in customer experience and network performance, and to offer new, high-quality services including 5G network slicing. Our modular operations intelligence services can be injected into existing operations environments to solve specific issues. Use cases ranges from coverage and capacity optimization to predictive analysis of anomalies in complex network settings to prevent degradation of the customer experience.

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Who is Nokia Managed Operations for?

Our operations transformation services transition you from on-premises network management to cloudified networks with high automation, AI and security levels. Automation keeps the costs of your operations flat while you grow your customer base and traffic. You also benefit from the latest AI capabilities, which leverage the intelligence in the network to optimize the end customer experience.

In our Network Operations Centers, we have automated more than 80 percent of operations processes, including alarm monitoring and fault restoration. For many customers we are running their multi-vendor end-to-end network operations. And of course, our managed operations customers benefit from the latest Nokia software products for security operations. The team provides Managed Detection and Response service used to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time.

Nokia Managed Operations is for you if you are looking for a managed services partner to help you achieve one or more of the following outcomes:

Improved productivity

  • Fastest possible resolution of issues impacting network quality 
  • Automated operations processes spanning different software applications
  • Network resources and assets work in the most productive way 
  • Dynamic shift of workloads across multiple clouds and on-premises deployments 

Greater operational agility

  • Minimize the complexity of operating a 5G Standalone network with network slicing
  • New revenues with 5G enterprise services, including private wireless
  • Well-orchestrated ecosystem of contractors including technical governance 

Competitive edge

  • Optimal network performance with no disruptions while and after deploying 5G
  • AI/ML-driven predictive operations to boost customer experience

Who uses Nokia Managed Operations?

As the journey to digital transformation picks up speed, CSPs are looking to managed operations providers for more than just OPEX savings. They’re seeking strategic partnerships, including managed cloud, cognitive, and security operations.

Today, well over 100 CSP and enterprise customers, with more than 1 billion subscribers, depend on Nokia Managed Operations to keep their multi-vendor networks running optimally. 


Managed Operations case studies and references:

  • An Asia-based CSP chose us for their Cloud and Security Operations, covering around 400 million subscribers
  • For a European CSP we run the entire cloud operations, including Cloud Core and RAN. Their fully cloud-based network is one of the first in the industry
  • For a Middle East customer we manage the entire lifecycle of their 5G network slices, so they can focus on expanding their business in the enterprise space without worrying about transforming complicated legacy operations
  • A European CSP expanded into enterprise markets faster when we provided managed operations for their private wireless customers.

Customer cases

APAC Service provider #1

  • Flat operations costs despite 50% network growth in 3 years
  • Significantly higher network availability
  • 60% less variance in performance

APAC Service provider #2

  • #1 NPS in their market
  • Increased topline with CX market leadership
  • 50% faster resolution of network-affecting issues
“Nokia pushes the boundaries of technological and business model innovation and is consistently strong across a broad swath of network operations and design capabilities. It is also strong in white-labelled IoT and security services. The company has often been earlier than its peers in driving efficiencies through AI and quality methodologies, and experimenting with applying webscale models to carrier operations”
Andy Hicks
Principal Analyst, GlobalData
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