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Managed service operations & assurance

Monitor, report and analyze service performance and customer experience

As operators diversify their portfolios with new services and business innovations, routine operational work consumes a growing amount of their attention and resources. This often disrupts their focus on core services and customer requirements.

Nokia can take on the continuing operation of existing services, assuring service quality. The service includes monitoring, reporting and analysis of service performance and customer experience; structured problem solving and troubleshooting; and optimization of service performance.

This frees up operators to focus their finite resources on core activities and to improve overall customer satisfaction.



We offer:

  • Long experience in multi-technology, multi-vendor network operations and a track record of more than 200 managed service contracts
  • Proven expertise in end-to-end service optimization and assurance activities, with over 100 service optimization and assurance projects delivered

  • Flexible and scalable professional services including strong local expertise
  • A customized and cost-effective solution, delivered remotely through our Global Network Solution Centers
  • Complete solution including world-class global OSS tools

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