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Managed services for rail

You’ve invested in a world-class railway communications infrastructure

Communication networks play a vital role in helping railway operators ensure safe, efficient and on-time connected journeys. These networks are how mission-critical information is shared on-the-go between railway systems and personnel, at high speeds across large distances. That’s why leading railway operators around the world are significantly investing in the highly resilient, future-proof network infrastructure based on proven standards.

However, new age technology requires an equal focus on high-performance operations and operational transformation to deliver maximum benefits. This requires a fundamental overhaul of traditional processes and tools and retraining of operations and maintenance personnel. Deep technical expertise is essential to uncover and resolve faults, ensure high-performance network management and security from cyber-attacks. Automation of processes also brings increased responsiveness while analytics helps detect and resolve issues in advance for flawless performance.

Person waiting for a train

Contracts managed

650 m

Subscribers managed

1.1 m

Network elements


Multivendor deliveries


Remote delivery


Network availability


Strong partner ecosystem

10,000 m

Nokia MS employees


Countries MS operations

“We have worked with Nokia for some 15 years and have been very happy with the company’s exceptional performance. In the past decade, Nokia has been involved in all our telco-related projects and has promoted modernization to help reduce our operational costs. Now with this major contract, we are beginning to reap the benefits of a simplified maintenance management environment and a program of modernization that will help us to deliver a better passenger experience.”

Mr. Mariano Garcia
Mr. Mariano Garcia / Telecommunications maintenance manager Adif

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