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Managed services

Assure mission-critical reliability and performance while optimizing total cost of ownership

Managed Services is no longer simply an outsourcing model where you can save 20-30 percent in OPEX. Today it’s much more radical, enabling you to benefit from network and operational transformation, including the move to a connected world in which IoT operations, analytics, cloud and security all play critical parts.

The most common challenges facing operators are:

  • IT and network operations for mobile, fixed and IP have converged and become complex and costly
  • Enterprises need their own tailored hybrid solution that supports their business model
  • How to apply innovative capabilities in IoT, ultra-secure cloud, analytics and automation?

To solve these issues Nokia has developed a portfolio to meet the needs of operators and enterprises.

Operational transformation

In telecommunications, the transformation of network operations can achieve up to 40 percent lower TCO. TCO is different from OPEX reduction, as it transforms the way the business is run.

Enterprise solutions

In some areas where millions of things and applications are connected, new business models and solutions have emerged. In sectors like utilities, public safety and transportation, we also manage operations, making them much more efficient by connecting using automation and analytics.


We help our customers transform for the connected world by incorporating cloud as a service model, delivering security and customer-focused analytics as we run their operations. IoT operations is increasingly vital as we move into the connected world. Nokia Managed Services make a dramatic difference as we connect enterprises and operators to manage operations for billions of subscribers and applications in our homes, cities and cars.

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