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Network and Service Management

Network and service management: more for less

Network and Service Management provides Customer Service Providers the future answer to their key objectives for cost optimization and service and network performance improvement.

As Communication Service Providers look for the next leap of value within their existing operations delivery solutions, brought on by the changing revenue streams they see within their own markets, the need to source and tap into new innovative operations delivery models is a critical factor of future proofing their business.
Nokia can support this through a of range of business models and operating capabilities in order to align customer’s business with the needed operations delivery model, both from a cost and performance aspect.

Services such as End-to-End Managed Operations Transformation, Service Management Operations, and Operations Modular Function Outsourcing can address and change a customer’s current operation, optimizing the cost of operations and in parallel improving service and network performance.

Nokia’s Operations Consultancy Service is a good entry point for a customer to assess what transformational service is appropriate for them as well as identifying the potential benefits of it.

Nokia Networks Managed Services engagement with Vodafone — 02:47

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