Predictive repair

Boost network quality by replacing hardware before it fails

Nokia Predictive Repair helps you improve network quality by accurately forecasting hardware failures.

This telco industry-first service lets you use the power of analytics to move away from traditional break–fix approaches to hardware maintenance. With Predictive Repair, we use our hardware maintenance expertise to help you:

  • Predict hardware failures up to 14 days in advance with up to 95 percent accuracy
  • Fix or replace hardware before it fails
  • Avoid unnecessary site visits, wasted operations efforts, and No Fault Found returns
  • Lower field maintenance and inventory costs

Predictive Repair is powered by our Nokia AVA cognitive services platform and hardware services expertise. It correlates network, repair center, and factory data and uses Nokia Bell Labs machine learning algorithms to predict failures and recommend replacement options. The service focuses on high-runner modules that generate a significant share of your customer repair transactions.

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