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Secure MVNO

Enable mission-critical communications over commercial networks

A new era is being entered in mission-critical communications. First responders can now take advantage of real-time video, access databases on the move and use vital insights from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. These capabilities enable greater situational awareness in emergency situations, helping to save lives. Adding mission-critical broadband to complement their narrowband networks boosts their ability to achieve their goals.

More and more countries are considering implementing broadband public safety services over existing commercial mobile networks where the spotlight is on ensuring that first responders do not struggle to access the network when there is high demand from consumer users.

In the Secure Mobile Virtual Network Operator (S-MVNO) model commercial operators enhance their networks to offer the availability, resilience, performance and security that public safety agencies demand. At the same time, the public safety agencies maintain control over their own communication through a dedicated core which connects to the commercial network.

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