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Service Lifecycle Automation for 5G Core

Capture the 5G opportunity with service enablement of the whole lifecycle

Reduce time to market, improve network reliability and optimize total cost of ownership (TCO) by automating the entire 5G service lifecycle — and get the agility and openness needed to fully capitalize on the 5G market.

Nokia’s Service Lifecycle Automation for 5G Core is a fully integrated service enablement platform for automating, managing and delivering every stage of the service lifecycle in a highly agile and cost-effective way. It covers the initial design, deployment, integration, verification (testing) and rollout (deployment) of network services, as well as automated care through continuous monitoring, predictive reconfiguration, updates/upgrades and trouble ticketing.

Deployment automation

Provides a framework in which digital methods of procedure (digiMOPs) — the building blocks of automated workflows — can be created, organized, stored, executed and reused.

Test automation

Enables the automated creation, execution and reporting of lifecycle management, system regression, performance and robustness validation test cases.

Predictive network monitoring

Ensures a high level of quality of service (QoS) is maintained once the network is rolled out and operational by continuously tracking and detecting anomalies.

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