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Services for utilities

Simplifying digital transformation for the utilities industry

The Utilities industry is undergoing a revolution. The advent of new energy sources, new regulations, and new market forces leads has led to profound changes in the way electricity, water and gas is generated, distributed, managed and consumed. To thrive in this new world, Utilities have to go digital – a fundamental transformation of the organization and business to enhance productivity, reliability, safety, regulatory compliance and customer experience.

With 200+ energy domain references, Nokia’s deep experience and expertise in designing, building and maintaining mission critical communications infrastructure for Utilities mitigates the risk of large scale operational technology digital transformation while optimizing the total cost of ownership. Our integrated People-Process-Tools based end to end lifecycle management approach utilizes industry best practice frameworks such as ITIL and eTOM and is built around innovative product and service solutions. From IP-MPLS to private LTE and IoT, Nokia ensures Utilities can take advantage of future-proof secure mission critical operations technology infrastructure for both their Wide Area Networks (WAN) as well as Field Area Networks (FAN).

Nokia’s experts also help Utilities align the evolution of their network operations with technology transformation. The Startup and Quick launch service helps our customers build the right skills and optimize operational processes to manage their new networks more efficiently and effectively. An in-depth operations readiness assessment is conducted to provide tailored recommendations for improvement. The service also includes Expert support to mitigate operational risks associated with new technology introduction.

Nokia expertise is helping utilities speed innovation and evolve to a cognitive, adaptive, neural grid.

Utilities are at the cusp of a digital revolution to enhance productivity, reliability, safety and customer experience. This will require a fundamental transformation of the operational technology network with IPMPLS and pLTE while taking advantage of the IoT revolution.
Nokia Services can help Utilities accelerate innovation and benefit from a risk free transformation to new technology based secure communication infrastructure while ensuring flawless operations 24X7X365.



The Nokia Startup and Quick Launch service ensures our energy sector customers are well-prepared to reliably operate mission-critical networks while introducing new technologies, such as IP/MPLS and private LTE, into their infrastructure. It also helps them build a strong foundation to align the evolution of their network operation with that of the rapidly evolving mission-critical communications network.

More than 200 energy companies have benefited from Nokia’s deep experience and expertise in designing and building mission critical operation networks

Our specialized Utilities Solution Lab, along with numerous customer references, patents and awards, demonstrate our commitment to delivering innovative, utility-specific solutions.

Nokia manages mission critical networks for North American Utilities customers through our Utilities NOC in Plano, USA


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