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application services

Develop, run and manage advanced analytics and IoT applications

SpaceTime application services provides comprehensive operations intelligence support that can help you develop, run and manage advanced analytics and IoT applications that ease your transition to data-driven decision-making. 

Designed for asset-intensive industries, this suite of services is the foundation of our advanced analytics and IoT applications architecture.

Key components


Manage applications and interfaces with data sources and advanced analytics models.


Interact with data and analysis results in a visual dashboarding framework.


Build data, analytics and actions into intuitive applications in a powerful application development environment.

Administration console and system manager

Manage user authentication and role-based application permissions and configure servers, data sources and system integration points.


  • Integrates and correlates any type of data: historical, real-time streaming, unstructured, spatial and time series
  • Offers a pluggable data source adapter framework that connects to any data source
  • Integrates results from other analysis software and systems
  • Provides a configurable and interactive environment for developing powerful visual/analytics applications 
  • Increases scalability with high-performance in-memory processing
  • Supports a fully multi-tenant environment
  • Enables you to deploy infrastructure and applications and scale with cloud-native technologies, including Docker and Kubernetes

How you benefit

  • Ingest and analyze streaming IoT and video data through platforms such as SpaceTime scene analytics and Nokia IMPACT
  • Operationalize analytics processes quickly without the need for programming skills
  • Increase your developers’ productivity
  • Access advanced analytics, results and insights on demand
  • Use data from dozens of systems, including relational databases, web services and multiple file formats
  • Take decisive action based on relevant context from rich visualizations and alerts
  • Run applications with off-the-shelf hardware or in the cloud

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