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Technical support services

Experience flawless care and support

Ensuring the highest network availability across vendors and technologies

Nokia Technical Support Services helps your organization acquire the necessary skills to deal with any mobile technology and supports you by both avoiding and resolving hardware, software and configuration problems in your network. Leveraging our Digital Network Architecture we deliver automated and intelligent services across the network lifecycle.

Multi-technology and multivendor services

The result is optimal performance and reduced total cost of ownership. The services use proven processes and best practices to deliver timely support for issues ranging from technical queries to outage resolution/restorative support. Technical Support Services provide answers to product-related questions, troubleshooting assistance, diagnostic procedures and remote diagnostics, as well as software fixes.

With the adoption of new technologies come new challenges as operations and processes become more complex, requiring new skills to run multi-vendor, multi-technology solutions.

Nokia Technical Support Services is responding by going digital - expanding our capabilities by introducing technologies such as artificial intelligence, sensors, integrated remote operations, and enhanced knowledge capture capabilities.

Moving to proactive services

Delivering a flawless customer experience is vital, especially today when everything and everyone is connected by countless fixed and mobile devices. Customers expect your network to be always available, at every location. Meet these demands to help you move quickly from traditional reactive (‘break-fix’) to proactive (‘automatic health checking’) and finally to predictive and cognitive approaches for network operation and maintenance.

Nokia Technical Support Services enable you to implement extensive automation, redesign current tasks and processes, and take advantage of machine learning and analytics.

Maintain the balance of operators network, assure the highest quality, reliability and efficiency of your applications. Nokia Technical Support services range from transactional handling to advanced monitoring, troubleshooting & modernization.


Nokia Digital Assistant at the TSIA Awards


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Contract management that can keep pace in the 5G era

Contract management that can keep pace in the 5G era

A complete solution

Ensuring a reliable network with an extensive services portfolio and a wide range of components.


Predictive failure diagnostics

Anticipating degradation before it impacts subscribers


AI powered issue resolution

Machine Learning accelerating issue detection and resolution 


Instant spare management

Instant onsite spare part availability, based on predicted failure, we a 24/7 accessable site solution  


Remote support solutions

Eliminating physical presence to fix HW or SW issues


Nokia digital assistant

Virtual assistant helping operational teams with faster information availability and access

Global market

AR powered skill development

On demand training and onsite support solutions, that allow live, remote and on demand training sessions

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