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Beyond next-generation PON

Next-generation PON has arrived and deployments are in full swing. XGS-PON won the battle of the formats to become the next generation PON technology of choice for Tier 1 operators, smaller competitive service providers, municipalities and utilities around the world. And Nokia is the world’s leading supplier of XGS-PON technology, holding the #1 market position.

However, with demand for bandwidth showing no signs of abating, the industry has already started to look at what comes next. 25G PON has a strong advantage over other technology options because it hits the sweet spot between cost-efficiency and near-term market needs.

  • Cost-efficiency. 25G PON leverages the mature ecosystem and high volumes of data center optical technologies, so it will be cost-effective. In addition, its simplicity – it doesn’t require tunable lasers – and ability to co-exist with other PON technologies make it easier for operators to adopt.
  • Use cases. There are some very near-term use cases that will soon need in excess of 10 Gb/s capacity, notably massive high-speed residential and business services, pre-aggregation and mobile anyhaul.

In January 2019 Nokia brought the industry’s 1st demo of 5G midhaul over 25G PON and started demos with leading service providers.


Aggregate Gigabit residential services on high density PON.

Provide true 10 Gb/s business services.

Support peak 5G mobile anyhaul bitrates.

Enhance convergence of all broadband and mobile anyhaul services on one infrastructure.

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