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25G PON is the best next step in
the evolution of PON

Fiber networks are rapidly becoming the infrastructure that underpins the entire telecom industry. They have a key role in delivering any service to any end point: homes, businesses, and cell sites. It is important that fiber networks to continue to evolve. They need to be faster, smarter and cost-efficient.  

Nokia brings the first symmetrical 25G PON solution on the market that enables you to boost fiber broadband capacity and address new opportunities. It is based on the Quillion chipset and available for the widely deployed Nokia fiber platform, enabling a very smooth introduction. So when you deploy Nokia’s next generation platform today, it is already 25G PON capable.

Operators and vendors worldwide have recognized an urgent need for 25G PON and formed a multi-source agreement to define the standard and accelerate 25G PON. Read more here: 25GS-PON MSA  

For broadband service providers, 25G PON will provide new benefits over and above current NG-PON technologies.

The future of fiber: 25G PON

Cost effectieve

25G PON is cost-efficient next step because it uses simple technology and leverages a large, mature eco-system of optical technologies used in data centers.

Huge capacity

Huge symmetrical bandwidth capacity that will take PON networks a long way.

Clear use cases

25G PON enhances convergence on a PON, delivering disruptive 10Gb/s services or higher, premium enterprise services, 5G transport and wholesale.

Simple introduction

No changes are needed in the outside plant. It co-exists with current GPON and XGS-PON technologies on the same PON. With the Nokia solution, even the existing OLT and line card hardware could be used.

Available today

Enables service providers to quickly boost the capacity of their existing fiber assets and seize near-term opportunities.

Solution elements

7360 ISAM FX-8

Nokia ISAM & Lightspan FX

High density, high capacity fibre platform for next generation massive access

Nokia Lightspan MF

Nokia Lightspan MF

High density, software defined assess node for distributed deployments

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