AVA cognitive services platform

Offering predictive and proactive services across care and operations

Mobile networks have changed substantially. And they will change even more in the coming years as 5G technologies are introduced and new demands from IoT and extreme mobile broadband applications come online.

The major impact of these changes on operators has been and will continue to be, rocketing network complexity. Additional radio technologies, a wider variety of cell sizes, new core capabilities and an expansion in the choice of services for customers – all are added to a new ecosystem of players as we move to virtualized networks. Near-perfect network availability, low latency, and extraordinary throughput rates will be essential prerequisites for operator success. New services such as public safety communications over LTE, autonomous cars and remote robotic surgery will require ultra-low latency and supreme redundancy to ensure availability.

Nokia aims to deal with this complexity by using three key ingredients:

  • Analytics, Virtualization, and Automation embodied in its AVA solution. Analytics to collect and process huge amounts of data. Machine learning brings numerous benefits, for example recognizing problems before they can affect network performance or to quickly find configuration issues that can be corrected automatically
  • Virtualized delivery for flexible and fast commissioning of services. Nokia AVA is cloud-based to flexibly deploy new use cases in days or even hours, instead of the weeks conventionally needed.
  • Automation to filter and process data quickly and accurately implement and configure networks to deliver smooth running services at all times.


Highly competent and highly automated, Nokia Global Service Delivery Centers use artificial intelligence and robotics to become ‘wisdom’ centers that deliver expertise across the globe. We aim to incorporate 80% automation in about half of our delivery processes.

Analyst TBR’s December 2015 report says: “Nokia is taking its service delivery organization to the next level of efficiency by leveraging automation and cognitive analytics, setting the stage for a sustained competitive advantage over peers."

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"Using big data analytics and Nokia Predictive Care for Packet Core we can identify the most valuable operational alarms which we can tackle promptly. We can pro-actively pinpoint and correct hidden issues by configuring network elements so we can cope with changing network conditions, giving us a powerful way to solve new problems automatically and rapidly."

Wang Wei / Expert of network O&M department Shanghai Mobile
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