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Express peering

Deliver top-notch internet content experiences

Nokia express peering enables you to automate peering engineering and secure your peering edge to deliver the content and quality of experience (QoE) your customers demand.

If you are a service provider, enterprise or webscale company that provides access to content on the internet, it’s a business imperative for you to deliver a top-notch QoE. This means:

  • Ensuring that massive volumes of volatile traffic flows with varying requirements are all delivered with consistently high performance
  • Preventing cyberattacks that could exhaust your network resources and degrade the user experience

With our express peering solution, you can solve the challenges of engineering and securing traffic exchanges over transit, public and private peering networks.

Automate traffic engineering at peering points

Handle rapidly changing traffic patterns more effectively

Simplify operations

Reduce the need for costly networking tools and avoid complex manual configuration

Reduce costs

Improve interface utilization and eliminate the need for extra transit capacity

Eliminate congestion

Move traffic away from congested links to deliver flawless experiences for bandwidth-intensive applications such as video streaming

Minimize latency

Ensure the lowest end-to-end latency for time-sensitive applications such as gaming and VoIP

Protect your services from DDoS attacks

Automate DDoS detection and mitigation to keep your services secure

Internet performance issues and security threats — 02:00

Internet peering needs to change — 19:51

Nokia discusses trends, challenges and evolution

20 ms

of latency makes all the difference to gamers


incidents in routing security in 2017


Lost to enterprises due to DDoS attacks

"When [gaming company] Fortnite pushed out an update recently, the network went insane for two hours."

Neil McRae
Neil McRae / Managing director and chief architect at BT

Why Nokia?


Express peering is a complete solution that’s ready to deploy today.


Express peering adjusts easily to tomorrow's demand.


Express peering optimizes traffic down to the application level.

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