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Service fulfillment and orchestration

Traditional OSS platforms were designed and built to support a business model where the constraints of the physical world and silo-based management of network domains was the defacto approach. In that mode of operations, human factors dictated the highest degree of agility that could be supported to deliver services and manage them.

The present trend is to modernize these systems to remove these silo-based methods to realize considerable improvements in important KPIs such as time to cash, time to new offers and overall customer satisfaction.

Along with these modernization steps, operators see the imperative to leverage their investments into virtualization (NFV/SDN). This creates the requirement for orchestration capability that can stitch services across the combination of physical and virtual resources in the networks. Often approached together, these actions to modernize traditional systems while introducing end-to-end hybrid service orchestration are the functional pillars of the Nokia FlowOne portfolio.

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