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Fixed wireless access

Using 5G to bring better broadband to more people

What is FWA

5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is the perfect complement to your mobile offering bringing new revenues and opening the door to new value-added services for homes and businesses.  With FWA, you can get fiber-like broadband to customers wherever you have mobile spectrum. Plug gaps in your coverage area, increase service levels in rural areas, or compete out of territory.

Nokia FastMile solution

Our broad range of 5G fixed wireless broadband solutions means you can deploy 5G FWA quickly and easily to keep you ahead in the broadband game and accelerate the ROI of your 5G network. 

Oh, and your customers will love their new broadband speeds.


  • Quick and easy to install and set up
  • Indoor and outdoor options for flexible deployment
  • Powerful, consumer friendly installation apps


  • Speeds that rival fixed broadband services
  • Use 5G’s low latency for value added services
  • High gain antennas can deliver brilliant broadband even in rural areas

Wi-Fi integration

  • Integrated Wi-Fi 6 for in-home connectivity
  • Whole-home coverage with Nokia WiFi mesh technology
  • Self-healing Wi-Fi with additional cloud management capability

Service management

  • Point of sales tool validates service availability and level
  • Service fulfilment tools to provision, install and validate FWA services
  • Service assurance with monitoring of the achieved service level

FWA where to connect

Where to connect the 5G home router

To deliver the best Fixed wireless broadband, sometimes you have to go to where the signal is.

FastMile takes you right there. Our FastMile Gateways can be placed indoors and include 5G modem, antennas, router and Wi-Fi for a complete and easy to install broadband solution.

FastMile receivers use industry-leading high gain antennas and can be mounted outside to avoid first wall attenuation, providing better coverage and speed, especially at the cell edge.

The fast way to perfect 5G FWA service

Fastmile app

5G home router installation app

Many people prefer do-it-yourself installation over scheduling a technician visit. Our FWA self-install app makes setup a breeze. Customers are guided through where to place their 5G FWA gateway, how to activate it, and how to configure their in-home Wi-Fi network. Deliver services quickly, minimize truck rolls, and delight your customers.

Cloud-based service management

Cloud-based FWA service management

Keep on top of customer care with our cloud-based Altiplano FastMile Controller. From guaranteeing the right service at point of sale, through installation and activation, and then monitoring and troubleshooting performance, Altiplano puts you in control of the perfect customer experience.

Fixed Wireless Access gateways and receivers

From rural to urban, megabit to gigabit, indoor to outdoor, we have the right option for every fixed wireless broadband deployment.

Making mmWave FWA viable for widescale deployments

mmWave heat map

mmWave FWA 3D heat map


mmWave 5G FWA proof of concept device


5G mmWave spectrum is now available in every major market, opening the door to true gigabit FWA services. But the currently preferred use case—dense urban environments—is costly. Now there’s a better way.    

Nokia is working on new technology to make widescale mmWave broadband a reality sooner. A high-gain antenna with 360° field of view allows a FWA CPE to connect to a signal coming from any direction. We have combined this with intelligent algorithms that create a fingerprint of the radio signals in a room—direct, reflected or refracted—and can instantly switch between signal sources to ensure the best possible connectivity. These breakthroughs make customer self-install a possibility for the first time, as neither the precise location or orientation of the CPE is a barrier to effective operation.  

Operators with mmWave and sub-6 GHz spectrum can use both together for a more robust FWA service and cost-effective deployment.  

We’ve had impressive results in our lab and field tests, paving the way for 5G mmWave solutions that will accelerate broadband connectivity around the world. 

Read our blog and download our technology white paper to learn more.

White paper
white paper

The emerging opportunity for 5G mmWave Fixed Wireless Access


Solving the mmWave self-install challenge


Nokia fixes mmWave wireless access

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