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Bring fiber broadband to MDUs and other hard to reach customers extends your PON services extends your PON services to customers in multi-dwelling unit (MDU) buildings without the need to fiberize the building. With proven broadband access solutions and deployment expertise from Nokia, you can use to build PON networks faster and get fiber-like services to every subscriber.

Most operators want to use FTTH to deliver gigabit broadband to more people, but some locations are hard to reach with fiber. The effort needed to trench cable, dig up yards and rewire households varies widely, adding complexity and cost.

Laying new fiber is especially challenging in older MDUs that lack ducts or cable routing and operators can face administrative, legal or commercial red tape issues. is a proven technology that works on legacy cable: unshielded or shielded twisted pair (phone wire, CAT3, CAT5, etc.) and point-to-point coaxial cable.

With you can ensure you connect the maximum number of customers to your PON services, boosting your ROI and protecting your service area from competitors.

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Features and benefits

Gigabit everywhere

  • is a de facto fiber technology: deliver gigabit downlink and uplink speeds with low latency over the existing legacy cable infrastructure in the MDUs
  • Extend PON services to all locations where fiber deployment is difficult, costly, or impossible
  • Reduce costs and deployment times 

Works for every scenario

  • equipment for distribution points and MDUs: sealed, fixed, modular shelves
  • Scaling from 4 to 96 ports
  • Flexible powering: AC or RPF
  • Works on all types of cable: twisted pair or coax

Simple and easy deployment

  • Unified management of GPON and in any operating environment
  • Easy, quick, and flexible deployment with zero touch provisioning 

Nokia: best in class for

  • A complete end-to-end portfolio: PON OLT, sealed or modular access equipment and CPE
  • Best 212 MHz performance with enhanced cDTA
  • Best efficiency of reverse power feeding (RPF)
  • Superior vectoring for stable and high-performance noise cancellation, and highest scaling in the industry with the Quillion chipset

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