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Government cloud enablement platform

Take charge of your government’s cloud services through a secure, distributed, open enablement platform

Change lives with a new era of government services

All over the world, governments such as Burkina Faso are using information and communications technology – or ICT – to provide an unprecedented level of service to their citizens. They are leading the way to the future with large-scale digital transformation projects, while stakeholders at every level take the initiative to address the day-to-day issues faced by the public they serve.

But an eagerness to address the opportunity can cause challenges. Each government organization may build its own IT infrastructure, which leads to isolated IT silos. And that means duplication and waste.

The challenge: You need to find ways to consolidate your government’s digital assets and maximize common processes, without squelching the grassroots initiative that is doing so much to transform how you interact with your citizens.

Nokia Government Cloud Enablement Platform – or G-CEP – addresses this need.

How do we do it?

Nokia’s G-CEP solution offers three layers in a turnkey implementation. 

Government distributed cloud infrastructure – Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

At its core is a single G-CEP federation node that provides a centralized cloud orchestration and management system. Distributed cloud nodes embed network, server and storage infrastructure locally. Built using Nokia CloudBand software, which is commercially deployed by telecom service providers for Management and Orchestration (MANO) of their cloud networks that are designed using Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) as specified by ETSI.

Open government environment (OGE) – Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Our OGE is an open API platform. It provides a secure, controllable gateway through which you can share your government’s digital assets with application developers, SaaS providers, and those who own your datasets. You maintain control of your government’s digital assets, and the OGE allows role-based / domain-based access so you can comply with the different policy requirements across different areas.

Government enabler applications – Software as a Service (SaaS )

This layer provides common software tools and processes such as authentication, e-signature, or mobile communications which can then be embedded in new end-user applications.

Features and benefits

G-CEP reduces complexity and cost while fostering the grassroots digital initiatives that are serving your citizens so well.

  • Consolidate silos between departments
  • Consolidate datacenters through virtualization
  • Control, trace and monetize access to digitized government data
  • Foster grassroots ideas and development
  • Trust in the security of a private, in-house cloud infrastructure
  • Create consistency with a set of trusted applications used across departments
  • Coordinate with external service providers securely

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