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IP/Optical Coordination

One network as nimble as the cloud

Integrate your IP routing and optical transport networks into a unified infrastructure with Nokia technology. Optimize your network resources, operations, costs and performance to better compete in an on-demand world. You’ll like the benefits of one network as nimble as the cloud.

Establish a converged multi-layer network infrastructure with unified control and open, software-defined networking (SDN) interfaces. Leverage our state-of-the-art routing and optical transport technologies.


Why Nokia for an integrated IP/optical infrastructure?

Automate dynamic comprehensive service delivery across domain boundaries with open and programmable network interfaces.

Our networking portfolio encompasses the data plane, control plane and management plane. You can flexibly mix and match according to your deployment and operational needs.  We can help you to optimize the value of each technology, rationalize costs, and reduce your total cost of ownership.

“ Appledore believe Nokia are unique in providing a pre-integrated and encapsulated multilayer/domain SDN manager for all layers of transport networks, enabling true closed loop automation. Part of this is driven by their heritage; Nokia is a strong player in both Optical and IP networks, not one or the other. Moreover, they have a history nearly two decades long, of developing innovative, automated path computation and creation. “

Grant Lenahan
Grant Lenahan / Partner and Principal Analyst , Appledore Research Group


Average saving of port capacity with multi-layer packet and optical protection


Potential reduction in network TCO based on optimal resource utilization & operational efficiency

Network automation and programmability

Looking to transform your operational practices with automated workflows? Quickly get up to speed on programmability? Deploy dynamic networks that can respond to changing demand with minimal human intervention?

Our insight-driven networking approach lets you automate your IP and optical networks to make them more agile, reliable and secure. Discover our comprehensive solutions.

Our developer portal gets you started by providing documented APIs, code snippets, tutorials, virtual labs and more. Join our community of world-class innovators and programmers.

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